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Once upon a time ...

... I was developer of the DOSRUN project which was originally written by Arpi/ESP under the name of dosrunner (it was a much smaller project then).

In the current days' notion it was something similar as dosbox. So not only a virtual machine which is enough to run DOS (like dosemu), but it also included the "DOS" which was a thin emulation layer on top of POSIX functionality of Linux. The "virtual machine" itself (if we can name this way at all) was done via the vm86() syscall. This also means that it requires 32 bit x86 system to be able to work (it was planned to have software x86 core, and by the way, dosbox supports that now!).

As far as I can say, dosemu and/or dosbox is a much better (and mature!) software, you should check out those, if you still need DOS under Linux.

However DOSRUN had unique features, since it had the main goal to easily integrate DOS based softwares into the Linux environment. This also means that simple software using only simple character I/O DOS functions can be used as regular Linux CLI softwares, ie redirecting input/output without having separated window for the amulated DOS and its softwares. For example you could include DOS based compiler in your Linux Makefile and scripts, and such easily.

Also it supported ncurses mode, so eg Volkov Commander could run inside a normal xterm window :)

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